Strong and Sensitive


Chris was the strongest person I know. Not only in physical strength, but in mental strength as well. He wrestled in college with his thumb torn off, with bruised ribs, with a bum knee, and a bad shoulder. And he won...most of the time. He won conference championships and tournament games. He joined a Strongman competition and even though he was the lightest guy there, he placed 5th. He lifted, he ran, he trained, and he coached. Chris worked ten hour days, then went to coach wrestling, then would lift before he got home....then he would cook dinner and even clean. He was a machine. He had
more energy than any person I have ever known.

Chris loved all children. Chris would stop anything he was doing to smile or give his "monkeyface" to a child. He played with every child he was ever in contact with and enjoyed it more than them at times! Chris was a lifeguard
at the beach with a beautiful tan. I don't know how many lives he saved. Chris "cared for life" at work where he helped people with cerebral palsy regain the movement of their limbs. He helped people everywhere he went. Chris had a way of caring about people that he did not even know, he was truly concerned about anyone who crossed his path. He even made friends with his competitors .. off the mat. Chris made everyone laugh. He had a quirky sense of humor that left people speechless, but not for long, friends repeat things he said anytime they need a laugh. Chris was a friend in the truest
sense of the word.

I need him to get through the days and especially the nights. I need him the most now that he is gone. I need his simple advice and his humor. I need him to tell me that "everything will work out." He always said that. I need him because I built my future around him. I need him because he is the love of my life.

Chris died in a tragic car accident in which he did not suffer. However, I do not believe that his spirit will ever die. He will live on in the hearts of the people he touched each day and with that many of us, there is no chance for him to disappear. CHRIS IS WITH EACH ONE OF US, SO IF YOU NEED SOME EXTRA STRENGTH OR A PUSH TO GET THROUGH YOUR DAY, ASK HIM AND HE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. Like I said, he has more energy than any of us could ever use.


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date of post 06-14-99


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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW