In Memory of the late John F. Kennedy Jr., His wife and Sister-in-law

Rita Mensah

The death of these three precious people has really saddened my heart. I never even met or personally knew them but their death really makes me think about life. You never know when death is going to sweep you away from this earth. The Kennedy's have suffered a lot of death. But the Lord say we should give thanks to him in happiness and in sadness.

My prayer is for the Lord almighty to comfort their hearts for them to be able to go on with their lives until he returns to take his children back home. To the Bessete Family they have lost two of their beautiful daugthers, I know it is very hard for them to move on but my prayer for them is, May the Lord protect and comfort them. I know how it feels to lose someone you really care about, I remember when my Uncle Anthony died in a car accident in 1993, I never thought I could move on with life but by the grace of God I did. I Know Caroline Kennedy, might feel lonely, but you are not lonely the Lord will be with you every step you take and every step you make. I guess this is my way of saying Good-bye to JFK Jr., Carolyn B. Kennedy and Lauren Bessete. God bless you and May you Rest In Peace.

Rita Mensah

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date of post 07-26-99


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