The loss of 3 friends and miracles


A few years ago I met God for the first time when my brother was rushed to the ER for a ruptured appendix, which he claimed to only be a stomach ache. The doctors were telling my mom there would be no hope...but they were wrong.

With prayer and faith in brother lived. Up to this day, doctors call my brother a "living miracle".

Life was going pretty smoothly after that, until this year. 1999 is the year of car accidents. On January 8, three of my best friends died in a car accident, and another friend of mine that was driving, may be sentenced to jail for 10 years. It was the worst thing that happened to me. My dog had also died the week before. You may think a 16 year old can easily get over it...but I guess I'm the exception to the rule. I should have been in that car.

March 25, (2 days ago), my sister went out with my cousins and they got in a terrible car accident. My sister's truck is totaled. My Dad said that by the way the truck looked, they should have died. My sister has a neck brace and a sling on her arm and she is having muscle spasms. My cousin's head went in and out of the windshield causing her to get 37 stitches on her head. It was said she was bleeding profusely. But my cousin's a hero...She saved her sister's life by putting her body in front of her. She is also my hero because, once again, I was supposed to be in that car.

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW