Loss of Mother


Mommie moved back to be near us after my daddy died. They had been married 49 years and met in 4th grade. I am their only child. She came to be near my husband our daughter and myself. She arrived sad, drawn, in despair, suicidal and lost. She bought a little

home near us and lived in it alone for 5 years when she met a grand fellow much to her surprise. It was never going to happen, a second marriage, but it did.

They were like teenagers, went to Hawaii on their honeymoon, bought a new bigger house to start fresh in. One year and 7 months later the honeymoon was over. Due to failure by her doctor to examine her properly, he failed to find a big problem.

She had a severe pain in her right side on the night of October 3, 1997. We convinced her to go to the emergency thinking is probably her gall bladder. Instead it was severely metastasized cancer. Easily felt by hand her huge cancer filled liver strain ed at her abdomen. We took her to two more doctors the next day and then home to die. It took 21 days...... just 21 days. Her doctor still practices. He has 13 serious complaints against him with the medical board, from sexual assault on patients, to drug abuse, to not reading x-rays that resulted in a death, etc.. He was trained in the Dominican Republic. That alone says alot. Our case was dismissed.

I have missed, longed for, cried for and part of me died for her for two years on October 21. There are no words. I wrote the doctor a poem; "do you remember her, we hope you do, your victims remember you and here await". As long as one of us who knew you lives Mommie, you will live.

Love always, Nora



anniverary date 10-21-97

date of post 10-05-99

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW