Beyond Teaching

Norma Michele Intriago

When a 7th grade teacher extends themselves and listens after hours, and includes you in their mundane routines of picking up the dry cleaning, and shopping for milk and bread, and post office stops, and makes you watch the baby when they run into the bodegas, and still hears your stories and obvious pleas for attention and companionship when you are at a tender age and offer loving yet firm advice ~ and they watch you mature and you go away and return as an adult, and they embrace you and still lend an ear - then they fall ill and YOU are there to lend support and to rub their feet and to make them laugh when everyone 'knows' the time is soon ~ when did the fine lines of Teacher/Friend/Family blend into one another? When they leave you and go on to a Better Place with God ~ then you realize those fine lines of
Teacher/Friend/Family blended in your mind and heart all the while. Valerie, it was MY honor. Thank you for giving of yourself as you did. I love you.

--former student/loving friend/always family


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date of post 07-18-99


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