Lost So Much At Once


I just have to write finally, I was 28 years old and we got word my Grandmother was sick and dying. We didn't live close, about 700 miles apart. My parents had been divorced for about 10 years and it was my dad's mom who was ill. My parents remained close after the divorce so my mom, dad and I agreed to go to Virginia together with my husband. Well that night I talked to my mom and dad after I got off work and it was set, my husband would drive and my brother decided to go. So I said bye to dad and then mom called. We spoke and she told me she would be ready at 5 am, she was packed and thanked me so much for taking my dad, (he doesn't drive), and she didn't know how he would take his mom dying.

So I went to bed, and I got a call around 2 am. My mom was in an accident and was on life support and could someone please come to the hospital. My mother always told my brother and I that if anything ever happened to speak for her and do her a favor, no hope no life support. So after almost 4 days we let her go, we arranged her funeral (she was 49) and still tried to get to Virginia for Grandma. We got the call the day before we were to leave we lost her to. We all went to Virginia and buried my Dad's mother. Spent a week there, I got to see my moms family, including my Mom's mother.

First time being around my moms family without her. Came home and 2 weeks later my other Grandma died. I had no clue all this was about to happen. My mom meant everything in the world to me and now I lost both Grandmas within 6 weeks. I don't think I will ever be right again, no one really understands. The last thing my mom told me that night was I love you sissy and thanks for looking out for your dad and I, I love you babe, see in the morning 5.



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date of post 08-23-99


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