3 Teenage Friends Die in Car Crash

Lindsey Mulac

On the night of August 27, 1999, Chris Brennan decided to have some fun and see how fast his new Camaro could go. There were three other passengers in the car, Mike Prucha, Mike Danzey, and Rich Survoy. Chris was testing out
his car on Foltz Industrial Parkway in Strongsville, Ohio. When the speedometer hit 100, Mike Danzey snapped on his seat belt. Both Rich Survoy and Mike Prucha already had theirs on. Chris lost control of his car as it crossed over Rt. 82. He swerved to miss a guardrail, but instead he hit a tree on the front drivers side at approximately 11:17 PM. Chris was killed instantly. Rich Survoy also died at the scene. Mike Prucha was rushed to Southwest and pronounced dead around midnight. Mike Danzey walked away from the crash with only scrapes and bruises.

Rich Survoy was a dear friend of mine that was always there when I needed him. We met four years ago and have been friends since. I never really talked to Mike or Chris but Rich and I were tight. I kind of went into shock when I heard the news. I was also really worried about my one friend Dave. He was best friends with Rich and really good friends with Mike. I made it my business to comfort him, even though I needed comfort as well. I was being everyone else's comfort, when I needed comfort just as much. It caught up to me a few weeks ago, and I just completely broke down. Through all of the funerals, I couldn't really process what was happening. Then I just snapped. The whole entire junior class of Strongsville High School joined together throughout the beginning of the year. People who were enemies were now hugging and giving each other comfort. That was directly after the accident. I need the comfort a few weeks ago. But I couldn't get it, because everyone was trying to move on. If anyone just mentions one of their names, everyone who knew them will just cry all over again. I've had many family members die, but losing a friend is so much harder. A friend is supposed to be there for you. Grow up with you. And now Rich will never be able to experiences many things. He'll never be able to graduate high school, go to college, get married and have a family. All of them will miss out on everything that we are looking forward to. It is so sad to think about all of these things, but we can't help thinking them. It's human

Lindsey Mulac

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