Loss of Daughter

Judy Elgin

My youngest child Alison, Age 24, was jogging one day while visiting me at my home in the country. Alison visited me at least every other week. She was a teacher and Head Cheerleading Coach at the high school she taught at in the city. Alison was blond, beautiful in appearance and spirit. Alison was the daughter any mother would be proud of. She was a talented athlete in soccer, (she was a goalie) she was a cheerleader in high school and college. Alison was also Homecoming Queen her senior year in high school. I was so proud of her I thought I would bust.

I had a dreadful feeling the day she decided to come for this visit, I tried to talk her out of it since she had been at my home for Halloween and would be here for Thanksgiving. Alison was unusually persistent. This bad feeling was mainly because she always came with either her boyfriend or a girlfriend. I was very worried about driving here alone and at night. When Alison arrived later that night ,I breathed a sigh of relief, I was worried for nothing.

Alison and I had a wonderful time the next few days, we shopped , talked and just enjoyed each other. Alison was preparing to go back to her home in the city, and told me she was going to jog, (as was her daily routine) . She left at about 12:20 PM she asked me to run her bath water and fix her a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a grill cheese sandwich, we would eat lunch when she got back from her jog. She was gone about 30 min. and I knew she'd be home soon, I started her bath water and began preparing lunch.

Then I heard the sirens, I went to my front porch and looked down the road in front of my house. I saw the ambulance and police vehicles. My world as I knew it changed that day forever. Alison was hit by a van while trying to cross the road only a few minutes from home. The woman that hit was speeding and couldn't stop in time. I prayed for my death that day I went down the road and saw my Baby laying on the side of the road, covered with a gray blanket.

I am trying, but I have not been able to forgive the woman that hit her. I am still struggling with life without her. Alison if you can hear my prayers, I love you Bubba and miss you so much.


Judy Elgin

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