2nd anniversary

Janette McGlynn

This week is just so hard, the second anniversary. People have said it gets easier with time but I think not. Every minute of that dreadful day is as clear as if it were yesterday.

Rob was born in 1968 and it was clear from the beginning that something was wrong. After many tests he was diagnosed with having an inoperable heart condition and was not expected to live beyond 2 years. We had 2 older boys aged 4 and 2 and living far from family it was very difficult with all the hospital visits etc.

Rob could never play out like other children as he got very tired and breathless but he was a great fighter and never gave up, life was too precious he said. He loved football (just watched it), theatre, literature art music and politics and really educated me in many things. We had many long discussions especially at night times when he wasn't so well.

As he got older we hoped that he would get a heart/lung transplant, but he was not suitable for that and in 1997 he deteriorated very quickly and died on 19th August aged 29. In the weeks before he died he discussed death with me and although I didn't show it to him it tore me apart, because he was worried about me and how I would cope. Imagine facing death and worrying about someone else. I miss him tremendously every day. I know I have 2 other wonderful sons who were also wonderful brothers to Rob but that doesn't ease it.

I have read all the other memorials and it makes me realize just how many of us there are all having the same emotions. My love and best wishes to all of you out there.


Janette McGlynn

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anniversary date 08-19-97
date of post 08-16-99


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Janette 63, coping with 2nd anniversary of Rob's death.