My Grandfather


My grandfather was kind and loving man. I am the oldest of 6 grandchildren, and he and I were very close. On March 26, 1998, he was taken from us unexpectedly. It has been almost a year now, and I miss him so very much. Every time I stay with my grandmother, I like to take out the pictures and look at them and remember the good times that we had. If it is OK, I would like to share some special memories of him.

Every Friday, when I was younger, he used to take me out to Captain D's and then I would go back home with him and my grandmother and spend the night. As we got older, my cousins would go with us. Sometimes he would cook us hamburgers on the grill. My cousins and I would like to stay up until all hours of the night giggling, and then he would come and threaten to throw us out, and then we would lie there under the covers giggling. The next morning, he would get up and cook a huge breakfast, even though I'm sure he didn't get any sleep the night before. In the summer, he would open the pool, and he loved to come and watch all of us swim. He got as much joy out of watching his grandchildren as we did being around him.

When I was 2 years old, my brother was being born and I stayed with my grandparents. I can still remember riding with him on the tractor to pick up fruits. I also remember helping him in the kitchen and slapping soup with my spoon and hearing him say, "Don't do that doll."

Six days before he died, I had an orientation day at another college I was getting ready to transfer to. That afternoon he came to bring us some groceries (another thing he was notorious for), and I was playing the piano. I play the piano and clarinet, but he had never really heard much out of me on the piano. He could hear me playing from outside. When he left, he said to keep practicing and remember Papa loves you. I am glad that got to hear me play, and that the last thing I told him was that I loved him.

That Thursday evening, March 26, he went home to be with the Lord. It has been almost a year now, and I still miss him with all my heart. I know that I will see him again someday, but it has been so long since he gave me a big bear hug and called me "Doll".

Papa, I miss you and think about you everyday. I love you so much.



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