Almost Mother-in-law


I had always dreamed of the family that I would marry into, and when I fell in love with your son and later met you and the rest of the family, I knew I was heading into a good thing. You were so warm and loving. From the beginning you made me feel like part of the family. Our personalities were alike in a lot of ways. I imagined how things would be after the wedding, when we would be living in the same town as you. I pictured us shopping together, and you being there for all the important things. Then just like that you were gone. There was a serious car accident, you clung to life for a week, then you died, I've been so busy now trying to comfort your grieving son, He loved you so much, I grieve for you too. For my friend, for the mother-in-law that I will never have. It seems so strange that you will not be at our wedding, that we will never do all the things I dreamed we would. It pains me that you will never see or hold your grandchildren. But I promise you, they will hear all about you and see pictures of you, and know what a wonderful lady you were. Only days before you died I was commenting to someone how much I liked you, and that I could tell how close we will be. Now I will never know any of that. Before I leave I just want to say thank you. Thank you for bringing that young man into the world, and raising him the best that you could. He grew up and changed my life forever. I know you are in heaven, and someday I will see you again, and we will all be together for eternity. Until that day, goodbye. We love you.


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date of post 10-3-99


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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW

Barbara, 23, writes to her almost-Mother-in-law.