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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross M.D.

"I find this material interesting and stimulating and feel it will fill a void in the literature about grief and gender differences. The material presents a fresh look into the uniqueness of a man's grief in a way that both men and women will find extremely helpful."

Hope Edelman,

author of "Motherless Daughters"

"Swallowed by a Snake is a much-needed contribution to the existing literature about coping with loss. Tom Golden's skillful blend of folklore, cross-cultural analysis, and clinical advice will help both men and women understand the specific context and needs of grieving men. The path through grief is often a dark and lonely one; Tom's work will serve as compassionate and insightful beacons to many."

Dan Leviton PhD.

"Swallowed by a Snake is a real contribution to the field of death and dying. It is sorely needed, and would be of great value to advanced death education classes."

Dan Leviton Ph.D. professor University of Maryland, and first President of ADEC, (Association for Death Education and Counseling)

Ally Press

In Swallowed by a Snake, grief therapist Thomas R. Golden compares the grieving process to finding oneself in the belly of an immense beast. What does one do there? His answer is: one must actively find new ways to live. Golden identifies a bias in contemporary psychotherapy toward feminine healing methods which revolve around intimacy and relationship. He respectfully suggests that there are significant differences between the processes of men's and women's healing, and proposes different healing strategies for men based on action and ritual. Drawing on findings of the mythopoetic men's movement and grief-work in indigenous cultures such as the Dagara of West Africa and the Yolngu of Australia, Swallowed by a Snake makes a strong and original case for "healing through action" and fills a gap in contemporary discussions of men's grief.

Reviewed by Ally Press in their publicaton Dragonsmoke

The World Pastoral Care Center

In this book we have the continued caring, insight, and expertise of a man who has given over much of his professional work to the support of men who are grieving, and to all who find themselves fitting into what we now call the "masculine" side of grieving. With a wonderful parable (you just have to read the book!) we learn so much about grief -- and ourselves-- and the rest of the book is a masterful teacher and a consoling friend. It is essential reading.....

Reviewed by Rev. Fr. Richard B. Gilbert
World Pastoral Care Center

Tom Golden is a professional speaker, author, and psychotherapist whose area of specialization is healing from loss and trauma. Tom gives workshops across the country and in Canada on many aspects of this topic. His workshops are known to be both entertaining and informative. Contact Tom at the addresses below (email or snail mail) for inquiries about speaking or training for your group. You can also order his book Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing through

Tom Golden LCSW
 P.O. Box 83658
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20883
301 670-1027

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