Always remember Angel and Danielle!

Walter Yi

I don?t have any memory of the accident, which I thank God because it would be too overwhelming for me to deal with. However, my family and friends have shared with me the details of it. The accident that occurred happened as my fianc?e Angel, niece Danielle, nephew Patrick and I were on our way to the movie theater. This was a reward for my niece and nephew for behaving so well and responsible while their father was ill that week, later being diagnosed with having cancer.

Unbelievably, he passed a week after this accident. After Angel and I got through with our class. We went to their house to pick them up and decide what movie they wanted to see. And as we left on our way to the theater, we were struck by a lightrail train at an intersection.

This is when my living nightmare started. Angel and Danielle were both killed, I became a quadriplegic and lost my Heart and Soul.

Miraculously, Patrick only suffered minor physical injuries which we are very thankful for, however, the emotional affect it will have on him is uncertain. We pray and hope that he will have no damaging affects from this tragedy.

Danielle Pok was only 12 when she passed. She was a precocious child with a bright future ahead of her. Everything she did, she excelled in. Academically a straight A student. Athletically inclined in all the sports she played. Especially in basketball which she loved to play and challenge her uncles in. She was the eldest of all my nieces and nephews. And from the time she was born, she was spoiled and pampered by all of her aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Danielle was such a beautiful child. Especially when her mother would dress her up, which was all the time. She was so cute and full of personality. It was very reflective by her friends and the memorial they had for her at her school. We felt and treated her as our daughter, especially with our family, being a very close-knit family. I miss her tremendously and cannot believe she?s gone. She will always be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

Angel Kwong was only 29 when she passed. She was the Heart and Soul of my being. I did not realize how much until this happened. Because even though I survived the accident, I?ve felt and feel my life ended when this happened. She was so beautiful and intelligent. So strong and focused in her demeanor and personality. Angel always made me feel and act better than I was. She gave me the confidence and strength to excel in any endeavor in my life. This was reflective in my academics.

I attribute my college success to her because she kept me focused and disciplined. Granted I wasn?t on the honor roll as she was, I did get by. We were both going to transfer to the State University together the following semester when this tragedy happened. Angel and I were finally progressing in life (late bloomers). Our relationship of seven years was strong, careers were advancing, and academically excelling. This is the hardest thing to accept. How and why God would allow this tragedy to happen when we were building a beautiful life together. I feel so lonely without her because she was such a big part of my life. I miss her deeply and she will always be in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

Anytime I feel depressed, I think of Angel and it always makes me smile and feel her warmth.

There really are no words to describe the amount of grief and mourning this has caused me , our families, friends, and colleagues. We miss them so much that it feels unbearable at times. The only comfort we have is knowing that they are in Heaven, at peace, joyfully, and patiently waiting until we are reunited with them. I can?t express the amount of pain and sadness of losing Angel and Danielle has caused me.

The guilt, anger, grief, frustration, depression, loneliness, feeling cheated by life, and disbelief. All these emotions have felt insurmountable. But the great support and concern by my family, friends, and colleagues have made it possible, which I will always be grateful for. I will always remember Angel and Danielle for their special qualities they possessed and the influence they had on the lives of everyone they knew, especially mine.

Thank you for this forum.

Walter Yi

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