My Buddy


My name is Pat, age 73 yrs of age, am grieving for my best friend, my buddy, my husband of 53 years, who died last Friday, May 16, 2000. I miss him so, he is a part of me, we met when I was 15 years old, in typing class, now, how do I adjust to this life of being alone continually. The family and friends were here, but now they've gone home to their families. I found him dead beside the bed, a sight I can never forget. He was my life, my friend, someone I could tell everything to and he would understand, someone who could mend my spirits when sad. I am so lonely without him, I just wish I could be with him now. He was a good man, so giving of himself, always seeing the best in everyone, a terrific salesman, loved to talk to anyone and everyone. He always made me feel special, always told me how nice I looked, even tho I knew at times I didn't. He was my soul mate.


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Anniversary date - 5-16-00
Date of post - 6-2-00

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