The Music That Was My Essence

Rev. Janet Lewis

Brian was 29 years old. One of the only people I've ever known who was excited about turning 30. But he never got to experience that. He was on his way home from the college that he was attending when a fatal car accident claimed his life instantly. It left me with a deep void and a great responsibility to carry on alone. Being a pastor grief has not been simple. Being the mother of a now three year old little girl has not been easy. One day she turned to me and said "If Jesus loves me why wouldn't he want my daddy to be with me?" How do you answer those questions? I try by helping her connect with music because it was big part of her life. I tell her that you still remember or can sing the music even when it isn't playing. It stays with you in your head and your heart and so you're able to recall it when you need it to make you feel better. That's the way her daddy is now. He's in her heart and she seems to embrace that and it gets us through. Brian was a man who could change your day in an instant and so I want to share his strength, love and gifts with all hoping that in helping someone else my grief might move along.

Rev. Janet Lewis

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Date of post - 4-11-00

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