I Will Always Miss You Mom


My mother past away on April 18. Almost 3 years ago. She had a seziure and her heart just stopped. It is so hard to deal with everyday. Everyone told me it will get better but its almost everyday I cry. When my father first told me I was in shocked and I cried all night. Then I was in denial. I didn't want to believe it. I thought deep down inside she would come back. Now I realize she won't and it hurts so much. We also didn't have a good relationship. I have so much regret of what I use to do and say to her.

Sometimes I think she didn't know how much I love her. She used to have a drinking problem from as far back as I could remember. So we have been through so much. I still need some help on the healing process. I don't usually talk about it much so maybe I need too. If anyone like to e-mail me and help me out I would appreciate it.


You can send email to Sarah at [email protected]

mail welcome

Anniversary date - 4-18-97
Date of post - 2-26-00

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