Because She Loved Us

Mark Schaeffer

The heart & soul of what I am today died on June 17th, 1998. The most unbelivably bright, caring, & understanding person; she sacrficed all for her family, never gave you an "I told you so", never held a grudge, didn't provided advice unless it was asked, never let on how painful her illness made her.

She was a great teacher.(although she never taught professionally) taught us to see things from all perspectives, to walk in the other shoes, she never spoke of herself, she was the consumate listener. She was a realist, but tried to see the good even in the worst situations.

She could have been a pyschologist, math teacher, an accountant, or businesswoman, although professionally she never did any of the those things.

She gave me the gift of patience and common sense, & hopefully I at least 1/2 the listener she was.

I miss her everyday but especially on really good or really bad days, or bad weather. She had the gift of saying the right thing at the right time or knowing when to say nothing at all: it was the gift of re-assurance & diplomacy. She was a 'Mom" to my wife & my sister-in-law.

I miss her more than anything & would give the world to call her up today, say Hi, wanted to see how you are, I love you, Mom.

Mark Schaeffer

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Anniversary date - 6-17-98
Date of post - 2-19-00

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