The Worst Day of My Life

Sherry L. Belton

Hey it happen almost five years ago I had a wonderful brother named Albert he was 25 when he died he died of his brain wall gave out on him the doctors don't even understand and they have not gave me a good enough answer yet t I guess I will never get one Any way five years ago the worst day of my life took place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you a little about him from high school he went straight to college for two years we could not afford to send him anymore so he went into the airforce for six years to become a bilingual attorney he almost had all of his time in it was the June before he was due to get out it was the June of 1996 we had talked to him Sat. We planned a cruise. The next day we got a call from some friends of Albert's and they told us that we need to come right away he was stationed in Alaska. We got there as soon as possible to find out that he was gone.

There were no good-byes no anything its like here today gone tomorrow he was a good man all I had in my life

Sherry L. Belton

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Anniversary date - 6-10-96
Date of post - 8-6-00

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