My Brother

Kristie Johnston

My brother, David was 19 yrs. old when it had happened. He was on his way to work which was in Georgetown, TX about an hour away. He worked in a nursing home trying to get his certification for CNA. He wasn't like the many on the staff who left and blew the elders off once they got off. He would talk to them, listen to them, or anything else he could do on the job or off. David was kind and caring for others. No one knows what happened just that his car got out of control and swerved to the wrong side of the road when a 18 wheeler truck hit his car. From what I heard David's car went under the truck.

I was getting ready to go Austin to the airport to pick up my boyfriend with his stepdad. I went to the bathroom and rushed out when I heard my mother screaming and crying. I knew something was wrong I just didn't know what. My brother, Noah, 16, was trying to comfort Mom (along with the policeman) and kept saying no, then he rushed out of the house. I heard Mom say throw sobs "David's dead." I couldn't believe it my eldest brother dead for I had just talk to him a couple days ago. I went though the whole house screaming and crying.

David was kind and caring for others and for his family. He had a girlfriend I think he would had married for he loved her and her baby. The nursing home gave us his CNA certification. The high school finally gave us his diploma.

My brother was sweet,kind,loving and caring, but I just wish he didn't go to work that day more than anything in my life.

Kristie Johnston

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