My Guardian Angel


That joyful laugh still echoes in my ears as I walk by our old house.

Bryan was six years old when he passed away...six. That is too young, everyone deserves longer than that on Earth. I guess what they say is true though...God only takes the best! And Bryan certainly was. I never heard him say one bad thing about another person, or complain about having Leukemia. He just always kept his chin up, and smiled his way through life.

When he would see a bully picking on a little kid at school, Bryan would be the one to stand up for him and make friends with the little boy. Everyone who knew Bryan knew he was something special. Bryan relapsed with cancer three times during his short life....and everytime he went into remission and had a dream about monsters eating him, we knew the cancer was back. Bryan was such a special boy, and I remember he tried his hardest to be nice to every soul he knew! Bryan did get to fulfil his dream through the Make A Wish Foundation...he got to go to Disneyland! He loved it there! Those are my favorite pictures of him, the ones where he's at Disneyland! After that, Bryan became sicker. I remember the night before he decided to stay in bed, he must have wanted to make it special for me! We played a real good game of tag and ran all around the house, upstairs...downstairs...through the kitchen...out the back door! We were unstoppable! I will always remember that, he was so special to me! I will also remember his funeral, and how it was overflowing with people who loved Bryan. Everyone who had ever met him even once was there...them and their cousin!So that is why I wrote this, so everyone can realize just how special my little brother was, and that he will always live on in my heart!

I love you Bry!

Thank you for posting this up for me! It means alot to us!



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Anniversary date - 12-12-93
Date of post - 2-26-00

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