I Will Never Forget You

Nicole Watson

His name was George Pitsenbarger...He was and is the treasure of my life..his friends called him "Wes" , not me..I always called him George..since 7th grade..thats along time. George was the most loving man that I have ever met.

We stayed close friends and later in our lives even closer..drawing from the Lord for strenght in his times of sickness. So many of us loved him. We still love him, even tho we know he is with the Lord..with a new body..but oh..how it hurts..I miss talking to him ..hearing his laughter...him calling me "babe". Bring tears of laughter so much that we would cry..He was a man of great courage! When he passed on to be with the Lord...no one expected it. We still do not understand. We still question? But one thing we do know for sure ..is that our George,,a loving man, friend, father, and son..is in heaven!

We miss him so much..and at night we all cry alot..But he had great strength, He would want us to keep going on until we see him again in heaven. This wonderful man gave me hope to keep fighting in all the bad times..even tho he himself was not well. But he never faltered in His faith..He knew that inspite of His physical sickness, there was Jesus..waiting for him..so to all of us that miss him, miss his voice..his laughter, his yellling" MOM" bring me some water" Sissy.."gimmie a popsicle"..Sam his sissy His daughter jeff & emmy smiles..

I love you all..and george "I love you Babe"


Nicole Watson

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