The Pain of Multiple Losses


I have come to this web site searching for answers. It seems everyone I get close too dies on me it started when i was 18 and my best friend was killed in an accident that was in 1983 in 1985 I lost my favorite cousin in 1992 I lost my Grandfather,94 both of my brothers within 8 months, leaving only me in, 1997 I lost my son and my favorite uncle. I am having a very hard time with all these deaths, for somereason all the counselling I have been refeerred to is not coming to me, I keep getting referred elsewhere. I am only 35 years old and I just can't take the pain anymore. Please feel free to email me. I will write more about it later right now I am having a hard time just understanding all of this. My son's anniversary of his death is coming up on March 29. The pain still feels like it was yesterday. He died on Easter weekend at my dad's ranch. I was there because I was going to have an Easter egg hunt for my brother's kids and mine, it was to be the first family get together since my brother's died. Saturday morning my kids went out to play and a hay escalator collasped on my son. I miss him so much and I am so angry that everything that is good in my life is taken from me. I ended up getting a divorce a year and a half ago and have one son living still, but it seems my life is slowly going downhill. Nothing is getting better it seems it's getting worse!!!


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Date of post - 2-19-00

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