A star for you

In honor of my son Chad

This is a poem I wrote for my son who was taken from us in Aug. 07. His name is Mitchell Chad, we always called him "BAD CHAD." He left to us his son Nick, which I consider the most precious gift anyone can receive. My son was also an organ donor and his gift has saved or at least extended the live of Four people. He is only 24 and his birthday was Feb. 14 my wife always said he was her special angel and we celebrate his birthday, to honor him and his gifts. I only pray that someday the recipients of his donations would like to meet us, and be assured that someday we will be together again. I know this because after his passing I prayed that I could see him once more, and I did. I dreamed that me, my wife and his son were driving and we were pulled over. We got out of the car and the officer steeped into the light I saw that it was my son. He did not say anything but walked over and gave us all a hug and smiled then he was gone. I thanked the lord Jesus Christ for this blessing.

No words can take the place of our loved one's leave from us, so we must look to the heavens and pick out a special star that we may gaze at to remember the times of our coming together and sharing our lives until that day when we ourselves have a star of our own.

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MY youngest son "MITCHELL CHAD"

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