Isn't It Ironic?

Barbara Haug

George and I got married when we were nineteen and twenty. We were married for twenty years, but only became best friends two years ago. George was killed on 6/24/02 in a tragic van accident.

We had our first of three sons one year later. George worked two jobs so that he could support us and open his own bagel store. He loved rolling bagels so he didn't mind the work. After ten years, we opened our first store. We had two other boys and a very successful business.

George was the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back. He knew every customer by name and treated them special. He was well known and respected.He was known for donating food and supporting many school and community events and programs. He opened four other bagel stores with a partner who eventually left him with enormous debt. George bounced back and started over; opening his "dream" store last year.

I just recently started working side by side with George. I knew a little about the bagel business but it seemed in the past year George taught me details about ingredients, recipes and how to fix an oven if it breaks. I look back and cannot help but see the irony.

It's ironic that George made sure I knew about his business, revised his will, took his youngest son to work and told him that morning that he changed the codes to the alarms . There are too many incidents that make me ask why. Why did he do the things he did?

I am angry now. I not only lost my husband, but the father to my sons, my best friend and provider and my role model. I have my days where I just sit in his bagel store, alone and cry. I want to be able to think about him without hurting so much

Barbara Haug

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Anniversary date - 6-24-02
Date of post - 8-4-02

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