John Wright

Such is the depth of the human soul, that deep grief often stirs feelings that are hidden deep down and undiscovered.My wife of 47 years passed on 16 January 2001 the worst day of my life. Here follow two of the poems that I was inspired to write soon after she was taken. Death is not the end, but a brief absence.

Mothers Visit

My eyes were opened one winter's morn

With the ringing of the phone

The voice that spoke was urgent

It was from the nursing home

It told me of the dreadful news

The thought I could not bear

My wife had died; yes my love had died

Those words I'll always hear

Time stood still I can't recall

What happened, I cannot say

The weeks went by as in a haze

I staggered night and day

I could not find her anywhere

No matter how I tried

It seemed my life had ended

I wished that I had died.

But then I had a dream one night

My mother came to me

She was not old as when she died

But as she looked at me

In her voice as crystal clear

'Ann's with us John' was all she gave

I knew then that that my lovely Ann

Had passed beyond the grave.

Eyes that Speak

As I sat resting in her chair

One cold and wintry day

My heart was heavy with despair

For she had gone away

I drifted into such a dream

And yet that was not mine

As I recall so real, yet true

My love came one last time

She looked up at me with eyes that shone

As pools of liquid love,

No words were said, there was no need

Even if she could

They spoke of years of heartfelt love

And deepest of devotion

As I looked down into her face I was

Transfixed with such emotion

She looked so young and beautiful

Alas faded soon away

'Twas a gift from her and for my part

Will live on always in my heart

A memory so golden that to say

Even though gone

She will live on

Forever and a day

John Wright

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