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Priscilla Foss

I have lost my my three brothers Bob, Donnie, and Kenny, my Mom and Dad, and my nephew Brent, he was only 24. He was a great man. He never smoked, cussed, drank, did any drugs. He loved to work. He was a mason and was a master of his work. He left behind some beautiful works in homes all around our town. One housing developer is planting a tree in Brent's name. He was sought after for his beautiful work, bowling, and his dune buggy. He was very close to his Mom and Dad and his brothers, he loved being with my husband and I. He admired my husband, as my husband admired him. They had alot in commom. He died from a broken femur, because of blood clots. That is why it is so hard to accept. I not only grieve for him, but my sister and his dad. They are not doing well. He worked side by side with his Dad and was going to take over the business they have. All their dreams gone, because of a doctor who didn't do his job. Now we suffer for Brent's loss. We just can't except and we need your prayers. I guess you could say Brent is now building us a stairway to heaven. God sure has a true blessed angel now.

God's blessing to all....thank you.

Priscilla Foss

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