Jenny's Song

Ron & Chrissy

On June 15, 2000 our 17 year old daughter, Jenny lost her battle with Rett Syndrome and received her Angel Wings. She will no longer have the pain and suffering that the disease did to her body. She was a special daughter, friend and our hero. An angel & friend from earth turned a poem into a song, his name is Michael Peace. No words can thank him enough, for making the words become music. - Jenny's Mom

Label Song of Peace Records

Credits ?Copyright Chrissy Breaux and Michael Peace 2002


Angel Wings for Jenny

(Jenny's Song)

Lyrics Chrissy Breaux - Music Michael Peace

?Copyright Chrissy Breaux and Michael Peace 2002

The Angels whispered in the night,

As they quietly guided Jenny to the light.

So gently and caring, they came to bring her home,

As God opened his arms to welcome her there,

"In Heaven" he said, is where "She Belongs."

The angels laughed and sang, with such delight,

A young Angel, named Jenny flys tonight.

No more pain and suffering, she shall see,

For in Heaven only peace And happiness will be.

The people left behind will feel the pain

The absence of her love, the sweet sound of her name.

To us all, she left her love,

But now God needs her above.

She shall soar in Heaven now,

With wings of gold and Angel's love.

(As she whispers), "Thank you God, for freeing my soul

From a tired shell that I could not control

"Please tell all below, I'm happy and free

And I'm glad I knew their love"

"But in Heaven is where I wish to be!"

By: Chrissy Breaux - Jennifer's Mom

Ron & Chrissy Jennifer's Earth Parents

3/23/1983 - 6/15/2000

Ron & Chrissy

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