Angel Wings

Patty Cleavenger

We lost a most precious part of our lives very tragically. Her older sister was driving and lost control of the car hitting a parked school bus. We were at the scene in a matter of minutes as it happened so close to home. They took my little girl out of the car and she didn't look hurt at all. After reaching the hospital we were told that she had massive brain damage and probably wouldn't make it through the night. As they were transferring her to another hospital I whispered in her ear,"Don't give up mom is right here and I won't leave you, please fight with everything you have I love you." She did fight and 8 days later she lost the battle. But not before touching so many with the strength of her life.

Only 2 years before the accident Jeni told me that she wanted to be an organ donor. I told her all about organ donation thinking it would be the end of the subject. A few days later she said "I know I'm only 12 but I really want to be an organ donor. Mom please promise me that if anything ever happens to me that you will let them have anything they can use." Well, how could I not promise? She had thought long and hard on the subject. Shortly after our conversation her step father's sister died suddenly. We went to the funeral and paid our respects. After returning home Jeni said "Mom promise me that you won't play that kind of music when I die. I want you to play the kind of music I like. And mom I want to be dressed the way I always dress and I don't want to be buried in the ground please have me cremated I don't like bugs. Will you please promise me?" We did all the things Jeni had asked for. I never thought for one moment that I would ever have to honor those promises. But I'm very glad we had those conversations. I think Jeni knew she wasn't going to be here long and she made saying good-bye seem easier. Because we donated Jeni's organs she had her name engraved on a bronze butterfly and was place on the memorial wall at children's hospital. We haven't met any of the recipients yet but hope to some day. To hear my little girls heart beating once more is my dream. In death as in life Jeni touched people every where she traveled. I know that she is with me today and will always be with me. She traded her life for angel wings.

Patty Cleavenger

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