Lost My Son

Judy Jackson

I lost my son November 23rd,1997 in a car accident,he was the passenger. He was 31yrs old,his birthday is August 20th and it is getting closer to it and I always have a rough time with it - very rough.We all called him Sampy because when he was born he almost weighed 10lbs and my dad nicknamed him Samson so we shortned it to Sampy. He was very handsome 6ft tall and blonde hair,blue eyes like the sky and I miss him so very much. I live each day keeping myself so busy I don't think. I think I feel like I am gonna lose it I really haven't fully grieved not the way a Mom should anyway I don't want to accept it. I just can't let go am I wrong in doing that? He was my second child and first son we were close and everyday he said, "I Love You Mom." Now I don't hear that. Please help me cope I know it has been almost 5yrs, but to me it was yesterday. He loved music and sang country music like an angel. He was just my life and now part of my life is gone. Maybe I am selfish but I want him here with me. I wish someone would tell my heart cause it sure isn't believeing it.

Judy Jackson

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Anniversary date - 11-23-97
Date of post - 7-25-02

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