The Death of My Husband

Kim Smith

I met Quinn in April 1978 in a parking lot of all places. He asked me out and we were together ever since. We were very young but knew we were in love. We dated for 5 years and then we married in April 1983 and had a child in Dec. 1987. We moved out to the country in Oct. 1988 and enjoyed each other very much. We never really stopped dating as long as we were married. We had our bad times like all marriages will have, but we had many good times.

I bought Quinn a small tractor for Fathers Day June 2000 and he really liked that tractor, he was very proud of it. On July 7, 2000 we were going to pull down a old chicken coop that looked like it was ready to fall down. So Quinn, Joe (Quinn's dad) and I went to work on it. The first time we hooked up the post on the building broke so we hooked it up a second and last time and that final time was his finale breath. Quinn and Joe hooked the chain around the end wall and I hooked the chains to the tractor, Quinn got back on the tractor and went to pulling the front wheels lifted off the ground and we all screamed he tried to jump but couldn't. His last words were "Oh shit dad" and the tractor flipped and crushed Quinn under the tractor. I watched my husband and best friend die that day because of how I hooked the tractor up. I will never forgive myself for this. Quinn I Love You with all my heart. Your Loving wife Kim.

Kim Smith

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Anniversary date - 6-7-00
Date of post - 6-26-02

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