Love to Grandpa

Cindy Usery

My grandpa was the best Boopa,

He was the best there ever could be.

We laughed alot and played alot,

He loved my cousins and brothers and me.

He shared his ice-cream, choclate of course!

He'd get on the floor and we'd ride the horse.

We played in the yard and tried very hard to see him every day.

He took us for rides in his big black truck

And always helped when we got stuck

He liked to shop and took us along, for groceries, candy or gas

We always loved to go places with him,

He really was lots of fun.

Then one day he got sick, and had to go away.

Nanna says that he's in heaven, and that we'll see him again.

But I know that he's right here with us whenever we think of him.

We'll miss his smile and hugs and kisses,

And all the fun things we did.

Whenever I'm sad and miss him so much,

I'll think of his hands and his gentle touch.

We've been so very lucky to have had him for this long.

He taught us to be brave

and keep our family strong.

My cousins and I will miss him, We'll miss him everyday.

But now it's time to remember,

He loved us in every way.

Cindy Usery

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Date of post - 6-3-02

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