Sibling Suicide


Not So Very Long Ago

Once upon a time

Not so very long ago

I lost my brother Randy

To suicide you know

In a lonely motel room

Just a few miles down the road

He gave his life to God that day

To unburden a heavy load

His life on earth was 38 years

Too young to cry so many tears

His heartaches were too much to bear

For dark clouds had followed him everywhere

Once upon a time

Not so very long ago

My precious brother Randy

Decided to let go

With pictures of his children

Who were kept away from him

He gazed upon their beloved faces

As the barrel was brought to his chin

And in that final hour

As all hope disappeared

His tears began to shower

Down his face of 38 years

In his deep depression

One thing he failed to see

His life was very precious

To mom and dad and me

Once upon a time

Not so very long ago

Randy chose to leave us

Though he knew we loved him so

Along with his life he took our hearts

And shook our very soul

Leaving us with crumbled pieces

To grieve our loss forevermore

Once upon a time

Not so ver long ago

Randy found the peace he sought

In Gods' loving arms you know

Written in loving tribute to Randy (May 3, 1963 - July 4,2001)on May 3, 2002 (his birthday)

Still devasted and missing you my best friend, My love always, "sissy"


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Date of post - 5-5-02

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