Losing My Best Friend and Husband, Ian

Heather Mcewan

Sunday mornings used to be happy times for us Ian me and our lovely children Amy and Brian but on that Sunday our lives changed never to be the same again. My darling Ian I woke that morning to find you dead beside me no warning nothing you had died of hereditary heart disease we never knew. How did I feel? Like someone had torn my heart out my love for you Ian was and always will be as deep as the ocean forever and a day I shall love you. I look at our beautiful children and I see you in them I feel so cheated for them and for me why did God do such a cruel cruel thing? What was my crime that my sentence should be lifelong? I am 34 now I was 33 when you died I have a wee girl of 8 and a wee boy of 5 who both miss you so much. My darling you were such a loving and tender husband and daddy we are trying to rebuild our lives but it is so hard without you, I cant even think to much about our time together as I cant bear the pain that comes with these memories. I keep images of you in my mind and take them out late at night when all is quiet in the house, I will cherish you for all my life Ian and love you with all that i am, forever in my heart you will live and I promise to give all I have to our children and to keep you alive in their wee hearts also, we shall never forget you and I will always remember that promise you made me....you said we would be together for all eternity and some day Ian I will reach my hand to you and this time will be for all eternity.

I hope what I have writen in someway shows how much I loved my husband and how much I always will. Cherish your loved one always as tomorrow is promised to nobody.


Heather Mcewan

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Date of post - 5-13-02

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