Missing My Momma

Lisa Daniel

My mama was seventeen when I was born. We grew up together and were always very close. She was born July 23,1944 and left me on March 4,2002. Her name was Floyce Boyd. She was a very beautiful woman with a huge heart. She never really knew just how many lives that she touched. She was my sunshine and I miss her so much that it hurts to breathe. For so very long after she and my dad divorced it was just me, her ,and my sister Kelli against the world. Then when she met my Pop, he made her very happy. He has been very good to all of us and mama he misses you so much. Mama my birthday was so hard without you, we buried you the day before. I never dreamed that you would leave me three days before my birthday this year. I miss you so much and the pain is so intense that sometimes I don't feel like I can keep going. I wish you would come to see me in my dreams, would you ask God to please let you come to see me and let me know that you okay? Roy misses you too, he says every Thursday he waits for you to come home so he can help you get groceries in. Mama how do we keep going? I miss you telling me that you love me. I can still see you standing on the deck telling me bye and that you loved me the night before you died. Your smile was always so beautiful.

Brooke and Chad miss Gran Gran. Brooke releases balloons for you all the time. She says to tell you to take of Grunt for us and tell him that we love him too!!!!!! We don't know what the new baby is gonna be yet but I will teach the baby about you and I won't let Brooke or Chad forget you. I promise. I know that you are singing with the angels now and I hope you can still feel the love I have for you in my heart. Mama I will always love you and miss you.

Goodnight my sweet angel until we meet again in heaven.

Always My Love.

Lisa Daniel

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Anniversary date - 3-4-02
Date of post - 5-25-02

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