My Angel in Heaven

Tena Perez

Where do I start? My father was a wonderful man. I was adopted when I was 3 days old by my Uncle and Aunt, who became my "Daddy and Momma". I had a wonderful life with them. I was a Daddy's Girl through and through. He was not only my Daddy, but my hero and my friend. Daddy taught me to fish and to drive. I wish I could hear one of his "stories" again. This June he will be gone for 6 years. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and then other times it seems like forever. My Dad had congestive heart failure and died on a friday afternoon at 3:00 PM. I was at work and was unable to tell him goodbye. My three children miss their PawPaw so very much. I know that he is an angel in heaven because of my youngest son Ian. He was 4 years old when my Daddy died and one night while driving around he asked me if I "missed his PawPaw"? With tears in my eyes I told him I did very much. He told me that he missed him too. I told Ian that if he would look up towards the moon and wave, Paw could see him and he would smile back at him. Ian waved at the moon and a few miles down the road my innocent little 4 year old boy told me to stop the car because "I see my PawPaw". I immediately pulled the car over, wanting also to see my Dad. I asked Ian, "where, where do you see Paw?" He said, "look by the moon mama, I see my PawPaw flying with his angel wings.

Tena Perez

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Date of post - 5-3-02

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