Gary Godsey

My family (my wife, myself and my other daughter) lost a great light in our life on May Day 2002. Shannon, our beloved daughter, sister and friend, "heart of a poet, spirit of a Celt", took her own life after years of major depression. She had just finished college, began working and had who she thought was her "forever love" her husband to be. But as she met and got to know her love, she keep hearing the old tune "Greensleeves" in her head. She did not know how prophetic it would be. He left her and broke her heart for the last time. This intelligent, beautiful girl that everyone loved, who could light up a room with her wit and love, succumbed to the darkness of depression and loss. We had a wonderful last month with her as she laughed and rode with us to work. She spent a happy evening with her friends, came home and ended her life. We are destroyed and our only hope is in our Saviour. Love your children, savor every minute you have with them, for they can leave you without notice or without reprieve. I mourn for her, we all do, and as her friend said at the funeral, "don't think of how she died, but of how she lived". I thank God for her 25 years of life and hope she is finally happy, wherever she is. God help us now.

Gary Godsey

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