For George

Renee Calabrese

George Barnes was a great person and great father to his children. He was hit by train and died on April 6th of last year. He was 28 years, he is well missed and loved. He died 1 year ago today (April 6). Everyone in his life miss him dearly. I wish he was still here to talk to and to see,laugh with,and watch him be a father to all his children. All of the holidays have been really hard to deal with since he has been gone. I know he is in heaven watching over all of us and protecting us. I can fell his presence in my home and all around me. I sometimes think i see his image around everywhere i am,so i now he is here with us at all times so we feel safe and protected. He is watching over his children to see that they are well takeing cared for.

George we all miss you so much it hurts,especially for me. ``I just wish we had One More Day With You``. We love forever and I will always love you for eternity

Love always,

Renee and his boys,Joseph, Matthew, Nicholas, Ryan, Justin

We love you!!!!!

Renee Calabrese

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Anniversary date - 4-6-01
Date of post - 4-6-02

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