The Death of My Brother

Amanda Novak

On a rainy Saturday afternoon I recieved a call from my mother telling me that my youngest brother Matthew was in a car accident. Matthew had been on his way home from work when he hit black ice and his car hit another car. Thankfully the occupants of the other car were not hurt. But Matthew was hurt very badly.

He recieved massive head trauma, lung trauma and a broken femur. After many tests, he was pronounced brain dead and doctors said that he would not live due to his other injuries. My family made the brave decision to donate his organs so others would benefit.

We had to leave Matthew at the hospital that beautiful, sunny Sunday morning because he was going to have his organs removed before he passed away. I refused to say good-bye to Matthew that day in the ICU, instead, I explained to him what was going to happen and I told him that I would see him later. I fully believe that I will see him later. Matthew's death has changed me and my family. My brother Stephen and I and my parents are still grieving and we are full of sadness.

Matthew's death has been a strange and confusing experience for all of us and the support of our family and friends has been amazing. I find that talking about the experience helps me to grieve because I want to share my feelings with others and I want to share Matthew's story with others. Those who knew Matthew were touched by his humor and independendence. Matthew was 20 when he died and in the midst of making life plans and that is why his death is so tragic. I miss him every day and I will for the rest of my life.

Amanda Novak

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