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Valerie Ninnemann

Hi, My name is Valerie Ninnemann today is March 15, 2002. In Febuary of this year I lost My Father for whom was 57, The loss of my Father was incredibly tragic, three years ago He had open heart sugery a few of his valves had to be fixed, and fron this he found that he had numerous other things going on, like Diabetes, Asthma, Emphasema, and, Crohns Disease so if you would imagine, he was now on numerous medications and was unable to do alot of the activities he was use to, so he felt limited, it made him upset.Then in January of this year he was taken into the emergency room only to find out that he had pnemonia so his Doctor kept him in until it was cleared up, but three days after he got out I noticed he looked very flush and he wasn't feeling right, he was stobborn and didn't like the hospital, I begged him to go to the doctors but, he refused- a week and a half passed and he still hadn't gone in, he said he wanted to wait for his doctors appt. well, the day of his doctors appt. I got a call from my sister that she was taking Dad to the emergency room, finally I thought- he would get some help. that was on thursday, they said he had pneumonia again so he was admitted, the doctors new he had fluid in his lungs and were giving his medicine but, he was getting worse his blood levels were low so they did several blood transfusions but nothing was helping they kept dropping to dangerous levels, I caught up to the doctor to talk- and she informed me that she had a simular case and that it doesn't look good, she said she didn't think he had much longer to live, they tried all sorts of tests and were at a loss, on sunday they had put him on extreme precautions no one in for more than 15 mins. at a time and everything sterile, gowns hands-I saw him at noon and he didn't look good, everyone else thought he did but, I think I knew it was over. well, at around 2:15 we were in the waiting room and I heard STAT ROOM 0268 then, I realized that was Dads room so I ran down there and my Mom had fallen to her knees and she was crying-my heart dropped-I tried to see what was going on but they shuffled all of us back to the waiting room but in the progress I got a glimpes of my Father and he was lying down trying to catch his breathe,I phoned my inlaws to meet me half way to take my 2 year old that something had happened so I left the hospital doing about 80 miles and hour-then when I got back everyone was gone they had taken Dad up to ICU , on my way upstairs I met one of the nurses and she told me Dads room# and informed me that Dads blood levels were at 1and a half normal is 11-12 I got to the ICU waiting room and 10 mins. later they took us into a small room to tell us that Dad had a massive Heart attack-It was Horrible! we later had an Autopsy done on Dad only to find out that he had an extremely rare NON-HODGKINS CANCER so rare it is usually only found by an autopsy, they don't know enough about it to help--it is called Intravascular Large B-cell Lymphoma. I would love to hear from anyone there is so much more I have to say But,there is no more room. Please E-MAIL me

Valerie Ninnemann

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Date of post - 4-15-02

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