My Mother, Margaret Mosier

Carol Mosier Bach

I write of my mother, Margaret Mosier. I still think of her everyday, usually while doing little things I would have told her about with our next communication. She continues to be a very important person in my life and I find that it helps me to talk about my memories. My brothers and father and I often mention what we think she might have said or thought about a particular event. We are all "doing fine" and are "carrying on" but it isn't quite the same. She wasn't perfect, she wasn't always supportive but she was an amazing woman. Amazing for her tenacity and strength. She was an artist and created the most beautiful hardanger embroidery and fiberart. She was and excellent cook and a business woman, perhaps she was one of the first superwomen. She would never have called herself that. This tribute is to her.

I do hope there will be an opportunity to see her again.

Carol Mosier Bach

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Date of post - 1-16-00

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