A Remarkable Man


Today is March 6,2002, it has been eight months since Richard passed. He was a remarkable man, my husband, caring, handsome. In memory of him I am sharing our eleven years of love and some of our most interesting memories. We met at a small cafe one evening and continued to get acquainted at cook outs, singles events. We were married two years later and moved into his spacious three bedroom home in a small city of Bixby. He was the type of person who if it were broke he fixed it. He mowed our lawn with love, hedged, bagged all of the trimmings for mulch. He planted azaelias which bloomed so beautifully. He was so good with speaking expressed himself explicitly and was so intelligent he spoke with authority. He also loved God. He attended a small church and was not afraid at all to express his love of God. He became ill and we discussed his options for treatment. Since his PSA was traveling up quite quickly we decided on radiation treatments. He had 36 and then he took some chemo which lasted for about a year. Nothing seemed to stop the creaping of the cancer in his prostate. He struggled with life's affects, losing his hair, his nails, his wonderful personality but never complained. He always was the perfect looking sales executive. His shoes were polished, his white shirt crisp, his slacks the perfect crease. He looked just like Mr. VanHeusen when he was ready. Now looking back I know that he made a mark in this world. He died at 64 was brave; spoke with distinction and every one who knew him loved him. I miss him so very much and I am glad to have been Winnie Huddleston his wife glad we share many precious hours, loving laughing comforting showing others what is was like with this cross to bear. May you find one tiny hope in reading my article about a love as great as ours.

Thank you so much....


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Anniversary date - 2001
Date of post - 3-6-02

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