Ed, I Loved You So Much

Dorothy Clark

On Jan 27, 2002, I lost my husband due to lung cancer. I miss him so much, I have learned a new meaning to the word "heartbroken" Ed was diagnosed on October 22, 2001, our sons anniversary.

He received chemo, but his cancer had already spread to his bones by the time he was diagnosed. At the end of his 3rd chemo treatment it was evident that the cancer had overcome the chemo. We tried another kind of chemo, but he died only 2 days after. The doctors feel he had a bloodclot, or his heart gave out, because he was supposed to be with us for quite a few more months.

I was luckier than most, we had always told each other that we loved one another, and those were some of the last words we said before I left the hospital for the night. At l:00 the hospital security came to tell me that I was needed at the hospital, but Ed had already died. Now I am left alone to go on without him, and I dont know if I'm going to make it. I'm barely hanging on, about all I want to do is sit and cry. How do you go on when all the joy is gone from your life? God, I miss him so much.

Dorothy Clark

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Anniversary date - 1-27-02
Date of post - 3-4-02

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