Your Last Breath

Ken Lynch

08:18 AM 2/7/2002


Yesterday, 2-06-02, I stood next to your hospital bed holding your hand and stroking your forehead as you took your last breath. It's my memories of you in my past and childhood that bring up a flood of emotion and tears. I remember how you used to puff up your cheek when I kissed you good night when I was very young. I love and cherish my childhood memories of our whole family having dinner together then watching tv sitcoms (All In The Family, etc.). I would always admire your humor, you would always make me laugh. It was only a few years ago that you shot Mom on the chest with a straw wrapper (in a restaurant booth!). Dad, It hurts right now to remember all the good times we shared and the little moments that occurred, that keep playing in my head over and over like a video tape, but I know that someday the tears will stop flowing and I'll be able to smile, when I recall moments, and be happy. Dad, thank you for all you've done and all that you have been.

Good bye Dad, I LOVE YOU DAD!

Your Son,

Ken Lynch

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Date of post - 3-1-02

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