Honoring My Son

Millie Gorman/Demarest

This is to honor my son Jim Gorman who just passed away on February 21,2002 he died in the job he was electrocuted. He was 44 years old and left behind a family of 4 children and a wife. The sad part is he was working at a job he was terrified of but that was all he could find at the time to support his family. He died on a Thursday and was to start a new job the following Monday my daughter-in-law told him to quit that day and not go into work but being the good man that he was he said he couldn't do that to his boss and he was going to finish out the week. My son was a pied piper with children for over twenty years he was a football, baseball and a basketball coach the kids all loved him. I don't know how I'm going to get through this he was a good Husband, Father, and son why he was taken from us I can't understand.

Millie Gorman/Demarest

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