Ron Johnson

My father just retired in 1994, and it was suppose to be a happy occasion. Till my beloved mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and Osteoporosis. They did not expect her to live past 1994. But my mother was a fighter, even though the radiation treatment took a lot out of her. As her body deteriated, mother always put others before herself. Whether it was to talk, and to give each other a hug. People never knew how pain she was in or how much of a strain it was on her. But she always gave them a hug in return, only to suffer through the night, and the drugs never relieved her of any pain. She never told us she was in pain, because she was always worried about us and did not want us to worry about her. Mother thanks for giving life to me and your siblings. I will miss the good times we use to have when the family got together. You always stressed the importance of family, and thanks for keeping our culture going by passing your knowledge to your family.I will miss the talks and the advice you use to give me.I will always miss you and love you.

Mother, finally lost her struggle with cancer and Osteoporosis on September 05, 2001, two days before my birthday, which was very hard on me.

I know my father is very lonely and our family tries to be their for him. Mother, he loved you very much and misses you a lot.

I know that your not suffering anymore and that your in a better place.

Ron Johnson

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Anniversary date - 9-5-01
Date of post - 2-14-02

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