My Son Was Murdered

Marilyn Woods

I will always remember the day that a Sgt from another police dept came to my police dept to inform me along with my on duty Sgt that my 19yr son was brutally murder. My son was babysitting 2 little children ages of 2 and 4 yrs. Thank God they didn't see a thing. My son was sleeping on the sofa when their cousin came into the mobilhome and with a hammer beat my son to where the medical examiner statement was his head was like a bag of bones. On top of this the killer stabbed him 25 times hitting the aorta.

My son is loved by so many. They had to have police to keep traffic back as the funeral left the funeral home and went to the grave site. Hardest task that I had to do was to tell his brothrs age 16yrs & 11yrs and his sister 18yrs that Joshua was murder. We feel vulnerable,fearful devastating and overwhelmed with so many emotions.As the end of the pre-trials and now the starting of the murder trial.Why did the killer do it he has giving many reasons. We only think that if the police had done their job and arrested this kid the night before when he try to kill his stepdad with a gun Joshua would still be here with us.

Marilyn Woods

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