A Tribute to a Mother , Wife and Friend

David Sims

February 6, 1998: A Tribute to a Mother,Wife and Friend

Sandi, your death, a trip that has no end. We lost a Mother, Wife and Friend

Four years ago tonight, we never slept, but oh how bitterly we wept.

Numbing shock, sometimes tears denied: You were gone, had died

Oh how overwhelming our grief was felt; as if there was no end

Death is powerful, staggering and difficult to comprehend.

The journey full of grief and pain, in blind faith somehow we carried on

The wisdom, love and mentor ship we'd known of you was gone.

Oh, how we missed you, a lady full of grace, at a time when you'd have known exactly what to do.

In your absence though, God took us in his hands, and helped us carry through.

Many words were said to try and ease our pain and sorrow.

We thank you dear friends but, on that day, there was no 'morrow.

May we remember your heartfelt words, your kindly loving ways.

And in your time of sorrow, may we remember the debt unpaid.

Grief is a journey that most must know, but also a time to grow.

Sandi; a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, and to those

You touched are proud to say; We are better human beings; you inspired us because you came our way.

You changed our lives, you shared our joys, you understood our cries.

You listened with your heart, gave tribute with your big round eyes.

We owe you for the time you spent with us, we can only try to pay the debt;

By carrying on your legacy, to us an obligation and all that you have left..

We pledge to carry on your work of love and service, a dedication to all

The needy and the helpless, be a friend to all things great and small,

All parts of God's great Creation and to those you felt the most in need.

To you, the words were worthless, if devoid of action, ?keep it simple?, just do the deed.

We remember now with joyful sorrow, Life goes on, there is a 'morrow.

Will you help us with our trials and tribulations; guide us with your care.

As you did before, gently remind us of our obligation, to be loving, kind, and share.

We love you and we miss you and we thank you for all the time that you were here.

We know that you have gone to be with God in Heaven and forever have his ear.

David: February 2002

David Sims

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Anniversary date - 2-6-98
Date of post - 1-31-02

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