A Year On

Deborah Kent

January 1st 2002. 00.46

A whole year has passed since you left my life,

As I forget the whole preceding year of strife,

I move onward another year,

as I release a tear,

I am leaving you behind,

no-where can you be found,

all across this land.,

you have gone,

but I now want to sing my song.

Thank you for 24 wonderful years,

these here maybe my tears,

but I haven't forgotten you my dear,

you are pushed away in my heart and soul,

but that doesn't say I don't have a hole,

It still hurts and it always will,

now and forever until,

I reach my grave,

but I am brave,

I have a whole new life starting,

This is just a parting,

we will meet again,

in heaven we will spend,

talking why you left me so,

why I had to reach such a low,

but I am passed it all.

Deborah Kent

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Anniversary date - 12-17-01
Date of post - 1-13-02

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