Loss of a Parent

Kristy A. Huber

My mother, Elsa, was only 61 years old when she died an agonizing death from colon cancer. I am the youngest and only daughter of my mother, I have 4 older brothers. I have always been very closed to my mother. We talked daily and saw each other at least 3 times a week if not more. I have three daughters who are very close to mother as well. I thank God that I spent as mush time as I did with her. While she was in the hospital dying, I prayed everyday for it to all be over. She never wanted to live like that. It was very demeaning to her and not what she wanted. Now that she is gone, I find it impossible to get through a day without shedding many tears for her. I am supposed to believe she is in a better place...how can that be..none of us are there! I never thought anything could hurt so badly. The pain in my heart feels almost unbearable sometimes. I am thankful that we had a lot of great times together and that we ALWAYS told each other just how much we loved one another. I only wish I would have told her how much I was going to miss her. And I do - miss her! I can only hope that it gets easier to live with. She's my angel! She's my star!

Kristy A. Huber

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