Grief for Grandad

Shelley Green

I have just recently just lost my grandad, and i dont think i can deal with it. I was 18 on the 14th of December and he died on the 18th. Thats the only real memory i have of him at the moment.That cos thats a good memory to keep all of.

It doesnt seem fair. One day he was the happiest ive seen him, and the next he just died. It really has hit me hard, because i dont have a dad, and i lived with him too, and the shock of losing him all of a sudden has really messed my mind up completely.

I just cant understand why he was taken away from me like this. he didnt deserve to die like this. I feel gulity because he worked til his death trying to bulid us a future, and i was never given the chance to let him rest or retire.

Rest in peace grandad i will always love

Shelley Green

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Date of post - 1-0-02

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